Why People Buy Mugs as Souvenirs

Sometimes it feels like there is nothing better than putting your feet up and savouring the warm sips of your favourite hot drink while reminiscing about your some of your best holiday moments, and what a better way to do it with than a souvenir mug!

Whether you are leisurely lounging about at home or taking a quick tea-break at the office, drinking out of an attractive mug from one of your previous holiday destinations is sure to rekindle fond memories that take you back for a moment or two.

London Souvenir Mugs

Mugs are one of the best mementos you can pick up as a reminder of your travels. Some of the most popular mugs from London feature beautiful illustrations of many iconic symbols which can be seen around the city, such as double-decker buses, Big Ben and marching guards, as well as Underground maps and signs. They also come in many different finishes too, from delicate porcelain and bone china, to frosted glass and the good old classic stoneware coffee mug.

So go on, make your mornings brighter with a quirky mug from London. Here are some of the best...

Giving Mugs as Gifts

Mugs make the perfect gift or even a nice treat for you too, so while shopping for keepsakes and novelties for loved ones and workmates, why not considering taking home a mug or two? Especially if you fill them with sweets and chocolates, anyone who receives one is sure to love you for it! More about that below...

Whether the recipient is partial to either tea, coffee or even hot chocolate, a mug would make a nice present that will enliven their day.

Top 10 Brilliant Ideas for Gifts in Mugs

Filling mugs with treats is a really simple yet effective and beautiful way of presenting gifts to people. It allows you to personalise your gifts according to the tastes of whoever you are giving them too.

1. Tea

Pack your mug with individually wrapped teabags in flavours that you think they will love. Earl Grey and English Breakfast tea are among the most popular teas drank in Britain, however green tea has rapidly gained popularity over the past few years and now comes in a variety of amazing flavours.

2. Coffee

It would be every coffee lovers dream to receive a mug filled with their favourite blend of coffee beans. For instant coffee lovers, go for sachets of coffee, brown sugar and mini pots of cream.

3. Candles

By selecting an attractive candle with a lovely fragrance of your choice, you are bound to wow whoever receives it as a stunning gift. Imagine sitting with a mug filled with a delicious hot drink in the evening while enjoying the ambience of the light and the aroma of the burning candle...marvellous!

4. Gloves

For the colder season, it is the perfect idea to pick a nice pair of knitted gloves to give with the mug. They will thank you for it especially on those frosty winter nights!

5. Get Well Soon Gifts

For a friend or relative that is feeling a bit under the weather, why not present a mug with a pot honey, a fresh lemon and a much-needed lip balm to keep chapped lips at bay.

6. Biscuits

Nothing goes better with a hot mug of tea than biscuits, so fill out your gift with some yummy cookies or even better still, some of your own home-baked specialities.

7. Shaving Stuff

A great gift idea for that special man in your life, add some grooming equipment in your mug, such as a shaving brush and cream, or perhaps some beard oil for the lion who likes to keep his mane.

8. Christmas Novelties

Think tree decorations, candy canes and decorated pine cones that have been hand-crafted at home for that ultimate festive look.

9. Chocolates

A mug full of your favourite chocolates is a decadent treat that is sure to go down well with whoever receives it.

10. Popcorn

Whether it is sweet, salty or a mix of both, popcorn makes a great mug filler which can be wrapped in cellophane and tied with a matching ribbon to keep it fresh.


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    September 1, 2022, at 6:12 pm REPLY

    My favorite part of your blog is when you suggested taking home a mug or two to give a perfect gift to your loved ones. This makes me consider finding a store where I can shop for souvenir mugs for my aunt and cousin who are currently staying in a hotel near my place. I want this trip to be a memorable one for them, so I will surely shop for souvenir mugs for them on Sunday.