Why do People buy Fridge Magnets and How Useful are they?

Magnets are one of the most popular souvenirs and among the most commonly used items for advertising and brand recognition.

Not only are they extremely useful for sticking important notes and to-do lists on your fridge door, they can also be attached to other metallic surfaces around the home or office. Many people do this with souvenir magnets that serve as a pleasant reminder of their travels and adventures.

Some fridge magnets are not only decorative, but practical as well and can come in all sorts of designs such as magnetic bottle openers, notepads, thermometers and many more.

What are Magnets made of?

There are many different varieties of magnets. Magnets come in all different shapes and sizes and serve various purposes. Some are used as bottle openers or photo frames and due to this magnets tend to be made from all sorts of materials.

Magnets that are made of wood often have a rustic feel and this material is generally used for hand-crafted souvenirs from tourist destinations, with place names etched into them.

Many souvenir magnets that feature famous landmarks are normally made from resin as they have a surprisingly detailed sculpture of the monument or icon that the magnet is depicting.

Magnets produced with a rubber cut design tend to be fun and colourful. These are very popular with the younger generations as they frequently portray comical illustrations of popular buildings or scenes.

Plastic or acrylic fridge magnets often display full colour photos and are likely to be given out as cheap and cheerful keepsakes whereas metal fridge magnet designs normally have embossed or engraved designs which have a very high quality feel and make rather prestigious looking gifts.

Fridge Magnets of the World

Many people have a collection of magnets growing on their refrigerator doors without even giving it much thought. Even if you don’t intentionally pick one up every time you go abroad, you will most undoubtedly have had a friend or two who has thought of you during their travels and brought you a magnet back as a nice, little souvenir.

The top twelve popular magnets from all over the world include:

1. All the famous icons from the city of London.

2. A French flag with an Eiffel Tower design from Paris.

3. A beautiful fan with shrines and Cherry Blossom from Tokyo, Japan.

4. A photographic magnet depicting the stunning sights of New York.

5. A metallic embossed image of the wondrous sights of Scotland.

6. A full colour scenic view of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

7. The Great Wall of China, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

8. A friendly little Leprechaun from Ireland with his pot of gold.

9. An eye-catching view of the Opera House and Sydney Habour in Australia.

10. A colourful illustration of Barcelona, Spain.

11. A bright and cheerful Dragon with some daffodils from Wales.

12. The Pamukkale Hot Springs of Turkey which are indeed an absolutely phenomenal sight.

Magnets as Wedding Favours

Anyone who has been to a destination wedding is likely to know that a high quality metal magnetic bottle opener is a great as well as practical idea for a wedding favour. It’s a nice way of saying thank you to your guests and something they will take back home with the memories of your wedding that they will cherish for years to come.

Where to buy Magnets

There is a plethora of novelty fridge magnets available to buy on the Internet and a huge variety available to choose from in shops on the high street too.

Customisable magnets make superb gift ideas as you can get them personalised with messages, special dates and even names your loved ones.

Free Fridge Magnets

Lots of businesses give out free fridge magnets with their company details on them to boost brand recognition and marketing. They are great for increasing your magnet collection and handy to have around as an inexpensive way to keep notes and lists on your fridge. You can obtain these by applying for them on freebie websites as well as visiting establishments and business events.

What are Magnets Used for?

It is common to buy magnets on holiday and your family members and acquaintances are sure to appreciate receiving one as a gift from your travels. It's also a nice idea to pick up a couple of magnets to stick to your own fridge door as they will kindle fond memories of your holidays each time you see them in your kitchen.

Many magnets have practical uses as they are attached to useful items such as bottle openers and planners but there is also the decorative kind which are simply used to add a splash of colour and style to kitchen décor.

Magnets for children can also be used for educational purposes, such as the old favourite colourful set of alphabet magnets.

How to make your own Magnets

Making DIY fridge magnets is a really entertaining project and something fun for you and the kids to enjoy doing together. To design your own homemade magnets you basically need:

1. A decoration – Something which you have either made or obtained and decided it will look nice on your fridge door.

2. Some good glue – For sticking the magnet on and hoping it stays put.

3. The magnets – Choose from either a roll of magnetic tape that can be cut to size or a pack of small magnets that can be simply glued to the back of your design. All these things are readily available from craft shops and on online, where you will also find a multitude of tutorials and a lot of inspiration too. As for the decorations, the top ten cool ideas and materials include:

1. Small family photos.

2. Lego blocks.

3. Mini colourful pegs.

4. Funky buttons.

5. Painted smooth pebbles.

6. Upcycled plastic letter magnets, spray-painted gold for a lavish look.

7. Polymer clay fruits and love hearts.

8. Fruits and animal shaped moulded out of plaster.

9. Wooden slices from small branches.

10. Scrabble tiles.

Why do People Collect Magnets?

A person who collects magnets is known as a memomagnetist from the Latin word “memoriale” meaning memory and the Greek word “magnetis” meaning magnetic. This shows that magnets are collected for the “memory” they leave, this could be of a certain place or an event that the collector was present at.

Some novelty magnets having moving parts or electronic features such as LED lights which make them quite fun to collect and people will go out of their way to look for these fantastic pieces to decorate their fridges.

A lot of people find magnet collecting a very fun hobby as each magnet has a story behind it, a magnet depicting Buckingham Palace evidently shows that the collector may have at some point either visited London or dreams of taking a trip there.

Personalised magnets can also be purchased and really give the collector the chance to let their imagination run wild and have a magnet made to their liking, not to mention that these make excellent gifts for people of all ages. They can be customised with names, special dates and even unique messages that will mean so much to the recipient.

How to start a Magnet collection

Magnets are a fun item to collect and here’s why:

More often than not, magnets tend to be cheap. Magnet collecting is an affordable hobby where you can have your fridge door, not to mention a few magnetic collecting boards, full of magnets without really breaking the bank. Many other collecting hobbies have a “Holy Grail” that will end up costing you an arm and a leg but this isn’t the case with magnets.

Collecting magnets is about what magnets appeal to you the most and does not necessarily involve going after rare ones. So if acquiring a new, yet inexpensive magnet is the thing that makes your day, then it’s good to know that there is sure to be plenty of good deals on heaps of magnets at boot sales and individual magnets at a souvenir shop won’t cost you a lot either. On the whole, if you are looking for a fun, but affordable hobby, then fridge magnet collecting is the one for you.

Magnets are a great idea to take back home as souvenirs and will show your guests all the places and attractions you have been, almost like little trophies of your adventures. In fact, anyone who has the opportunity to travel a lot can have a diverse collection of magnets at their fingertips, and each magnet has its own unique story behind it that you can relate to, making it an extremely fun hobby to collect them.

All things considered, magnets are very practical gift ideas. While some magnets serve certain purposes, others are simply used ornamentally. There is a multitude of magnets out there to collect, making it an excellent hobby for people of all ages, so why not start today?


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