Travel From London to Tanzania For A Safari Tour

So it's that time of year again – the summer, the time where there's an unrelenting pressure to go and explore the world while it's still warm.

There are many beautiful ways to see the summer sun, from a chic city break to a week in the countryside, but maybe none as unusual or exciting as going on a Safari Tour in Tanzania. There are so many wonderful things you can see, with some great opportunities for a professional photographer and we have to say that we're impressed with not only the amount of tours available, but also how affordable they are.

So, if travelling an amazing country, seeing beautiful views and fantastic animals in their natural habitat sounds like your kind of thing, carry on reading below to find out more about the tours available to you and how to get to Tanzania.

There are a huge number of different companies that provide safari tours in this area; this many even be the reason behind the amazing prices. The reason we say we are impressed with the price is that for around a 7 day tour of Tanzania, you can pay approx £650 a person only. Spending a week out in the world most definitely seems our kind of thing. Either way it is definitely recommended to get a guided tour, as even though this is a beautiful part of the world, it is also a very dangerous one. Tanzania is huge and full of wonderful but deadly creatures that you may come across, so having a guide is a definite must-have whilst visiting this great part of the world. Despite this we feel that you would have a fantastic holiday exploring and fully encourage you to do so, as you can see wonderful areas of Tanzania such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and the beautiful beaches of Zanzibar that are all at your finger tips.

If this article has made you start planning your perfect Tanzania tour then there is one thing we recommend thinking about before booking that tour; how to get there. We know from personal experience that when we are in the midst of a travel booking frenzy, it's easy to forget that we actually need to work out how to get to our destination. Especially with a Tanzania safari tour, we found ourselves too wrapped up in the idea of actually travelling on the tour that getting to the start of it is an after thought. Well don't worry as we have a some information on this.

Depending on your chosen tour and where it starts there are several places where you can catch a flight from London. For instance, if your tour is concentrating on the beaches of Zanzibar then catching a flight from London to Zanzibar can cost anything from £300 to £1000 per person depending on when you travel and book. On the other hand, a flight to Kilimanjaro from London will cost around £500 to £1000. Price is definitely an important aspect to consider when choosing your travel method, but other than flying from the airport (don't forget to buy some London souvenirs before you leave!), there is not really any other way to get to Tanzania from London. You should also remember to check out all the requirements for entry to this beautiful country before leaving no matter how you are getting there.

Something else that is very important to consider is what to pack; you are hardly going to need heels or dinner shoes whilst hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, so when packing we recommend that you go for light layers, a few essentials and clothes and shoes that are perfect for walking in. Other things you might consider taking would be a portable water bottle (for lots and lots of water, as you'll need it). Binoculars for watching birds and animals so that you can check out the wonderful wild life from a safe distance. Anything else – Camera – for your safari and also bird watching! Perhaps dry shampoo and plenty of plasters for blisters would be a good idea, but you shouldn't neglect plenty of sun cream and a good hat for blocking out that devastating heat you will be subject to.

Now that you have read our article on getting from London to Tanzania for a Safari Tour, do you think you will be booking your tour any time soon? Will you find yourself halfway up Mount Kilimanjaro by the end of the summer? We would love to know what your plans are (or if you have done a safari tour previously) so please drop us a line. Either way we truly hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer, and that you will consider giving this article a share so that your friends and family can hear all about Tanzania and safari tours.