London Salons for Gents

These days it isn't so acceptable for a guy to just have a slither of gel in his unkempt hair, a beard that isn't trimmed and raggedy looking nails. We may have come a long way from using the term “manscaping” but guys these days have to put more effort than usual in to looking good.

No more is this the case than in London which has seen a big upturn in the number of salons, and not just your normal barbers, that do everything from aromatherapy massages to wet shaves with facials. In this post I’m going to take you on a quick jaunt around town to some of these spots that men in London use to look in tip-top condition.

Grooming Spot No.1 - Drakes of London - Fulham & Tower Hill

One of the most well known in the city, Drakes opened in 2004 and has offered a selection of services that you would never see in your usual barbers. Originally located in Fulham, they now have a secondary location in the Tower Hill area.

Their signature eyebrow tinting was something never really seen before in a barbershop and they offer everything from eyebrow tinting to laser hair removal for gents who don’t like having a hairy back or shoulder and don’t really want to start Nairing or using wax awkwardly while looking in the bathroom mirror.

A traditional wash, cut & style here will cost £38

Grooming Spot No.2 - The Refinery - Mayfair

A spa day for a gentleman? Surely such a thing can’t be real? Well it is and down on Brook Street just a few minutes from the tube station is The Refinery, a hybrid salon-spa that goes above and beyond in terms of what the average guy can get.

Possibly the only place in town to get a Power Lift Facial (which is apparently designed to tone facial muscles) they offer their unique shaving experience and an aromatherapy massage for tired muscles; a cut above having your head slightly massaged as your hang over a basin for a shampoo.

It is on the dearer end of the scale with the average price for a haircut costing £60 form one of their senior barbers.

Grooming Spot No.3 - South Ken Barbers - Kensington

Kensington is a classy part of town with hotels near Hyde park, the science museum and the Royal Albert Hall making it all quite a posh affair. And when you’re in a spot like this you need to have a posh looking do to match, and that's where South Ken comes to the rescue.

Modelling themselves on providing “traditional service with a modern touch”, this small boutique barbershop is hidden away down on Glendower Place and provides very neat looking clipper cuts and beard trims with a razor blade finish that is perfectly contoured.

The average price of a cut here is £19

Grooming Spot No.4 - Joe & Co - Soho


Not only do they have a friendly name but Joe & Co was voted as the best haircut in town by GQ magazine. They were one of the first in town to offer technical treatments for men, an example of which being their cold relaxing treatment that relaxes frizzy and curly hair for men that want a sleek and straight look. Their camouflage grey treatment also hides grey much better than a DIY attempt at home with a bottle of Just for Men.

The average price for a cut here is £40

Grooming Spot No.5 - Tranquilstate - Walthamstow

Up in East London is a spot where men are being encouraged to dive head first in to the world of cosmetic treatments, especially for blokes with skin issues. Adult acne is surprisingly on the rise in the UK and when a wash with some Clearasil doesn’t do the job, a guy might want to consider an anti-aging facial or even a skin peel that will clean out all your blackheads.

Tranquilstate offers everything from post work out sports massages and reflexology treatments to muscle toning freezing treatments if you can handle the cold.

The average price for a 60-minute massage is £65

Grooming Spot No.6 – Dapper - Broadway

How does a gent become a dapper man? By visiting Dapper of course. This neat little barbers up in Ealing is a one stop for the modern man. While they have a range of beauty treatments like wrinkle reduction and teeth grinding to make your face look on point, their cuts are top of the line and a better price compared to similar barbers smack bang in the middle of town.

They do offer special packages, like the ability to get a wash, cut, style, hot towel shave, facial and manicure all in under 90 minutes.

A regular cut will cost £30.

Hopefully some of the salons I’ve talked about will help inspire you to step up your own beauty regime and start looking like one of the most stylish men in the city!