Travel Guide Review: Backpacking Centurion

A book review of Backpacking Centurion - A Northern Irishman's Journey Through 100 Countries by Jonny Blair, a well-seasoned traveller who, as the title of his book series suggests, has visited well over 100 countries!

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Jonny Blair has documented his travels and gives an amazing insight into all the countries he has visited on his website In addition to this, he has published several books about the exciting journeys that he has embarked upon throughout his life so far.

Travel Book Review

The first in the three-part book series of Backpacking Centurion - A Northern Irishman's Journey Through 100 Countries: Volume 1 - Don't Look Back In Bangor can be purchased on Amazon.

This well-written book uses humour, witty language and sincere opinions and feelings that make a great read for anyone who loves travelling, Northern Ireland and even football. Jonny's honest recollections of his experiences around the world make it a book that his readers can relate to as well as have them laughing out loud in parts.

Through his books, Jonny shares his amazing experiences of the world and invites you to see it through his eyes, including his experiences with the different cultures, and lifestyles as well as the ups and downs that come with travelling.

We recommend reading the Backpacking Centurion books if you want to be inspired to see what the world has to offer or even for a bit of escapism while you are at home. From feeding hyenas in Ethiopia to living in a tent in Tasmania, Jonny has done it all!